NZ McDonald's stores are trialling all-day breakfast!


The news of McDonald's all day breakfast rolling out across Australia earlier this week broke the hearts of the pre-10:30am-meal-lovers in New Zealand who struggle to make it out of bed despite the coaxing of the golden arches.

But Kiwi fans aren't to despair for much longer. McDonald's communications manager, Kim Barlett, says though no details can be confirmed, "it’s possible we’ll be launching all-day breakfast."

You may not know that there are already a number of McDonald's restaurants around the country which are trialling the all-day breakfast, and Ms Barlett says it's been "very well received".

The following McDonald’s stores are currently trialling all-day breakfast:

Albany, Auckland


Kamo (Whangarei)

Massey Road, Auckland

Penrose, Auckland

Frankton, Hamilton

Chartwell Square, Hamilton

Albany Foodcourt, Auckland

Centre Place, Hamilton

Manukau Mall

The Base, Hamilton

Queensgate, Wellington

The Australian roll-out will be completed at the end of February next year.

The southern states of Victoria and Tasmania were the first to receive the blessing early in the week.

Following successful trials in Wollongong, the Gold Coast, South Australia and West Australia, the all-day breakfast menu will feature the famous Bacon & Egg McMuffins, Sausage & Egg McMuffins, Sausage McMuffins, Hash Browns and Hotcakes.

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