Kiwi artist painting Steven Adams mural in Oklahoma City


Bay of Plenty local Mr. G (Graham Hoete) has taken to the streets of Oklahoma City to paint a massive mural of our basketball star Steven Adams.

Mr. G was in the United States to paint a tribute piece for Pop Icon Prince after going viral for a mural he did in Sydney earlier this year.

Check out the special Steven Adams piece Mr. G is working on down the road from Chesapeake Energy Arena, where the big Kiwi plays for the Thunder.

"I thought well, man, I'm going to the U.S. and he's just the man in New Zealand,"

"I can't go to the U.S. and not do one of the bro."

"If I wouldn't have found a wall, I wouldn't have done it. So I'm stoked I have a wall."

source: data archive