Win BIG with Rebel Sport


Ever have those days where you just have no motivation?

None to do any cleaning, work or exercise?

We have the solution to help you get up and moving.

To encourage and inspire kiwis to get motivated and make the most of each day Mai’s teamed up with Rebel Sport.

Tell us what motivates you. It could be anything. Putting on some sneakers, getting friends together and playing a quick game of Netball. Even just telling yourself “You’ve got this”. It could be striving to be like some of New Zealand’s greats such as Rebecca Wood.

Whatever it is, text “Rebel” to 463 for your chance to win a share of $2,500 worth of Rebel Sport Voucher.

Listen to K’Lee each day from 10-3pm. If she calls you and spreads your words of motivation with Aotearoa you could score yourself $100.

How many lives you live is up to you! Use those 24 hours a day wisely.