Parris Goebel: FREE MYND - Short dance film

Sun-20-Apr-14 07:46

Parris Goebel has won Gold at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships, choreographed music videos and performances for J.Lo, she’s in the next Step Up movie and basically taken the world by storm now we get to see Half an hour of Parris Goebel in her project FREE MYND.

"Three months ago I set myself a challenge. Throughout a full on work schedule with no breaks, i gave every spare minute to this film. Whatever emotion I felt at the time I surrendered to the project so you can see the ups and downs in my mind. Everything was spontaneous from the location, to the dancers, to the song choice. I am so grateful for the people that gave me their time and energy. If you felt something at the end, that is the essence of my soul. I am not perfect but i am free. This is my ART.


Love Parris

P.S. it is loaded on here because i don't want it to get blocked and i couldn't care less about the number of views."

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