K-Lee's Subway Diet Diary »

K-Lee's Subway Diet Diary

Day One

First day and already I wanted to eat all the subway cookies.

Was quiet hungry after Jarrod and his entourage brought a huge platter of Cookies and 3inch subs! The smell and watching wai and tony the prize guy eat ten of them in a row didn't help!

Couldn't wait till lunch to munch on one so I paced myself on a turkey sub for 3 hours, till I got home and scoffed an apple - I figured there were two apples in a bag - so luckily I was still starving I ate another one cant be cheating it's a dam apple!!

DINNER!! 5pm normally - I was so hungry I went a 4 o'clock - whoever the hell invented the grose Veggie sub with no cheese, no dressing needs to be left in a dessert with no water and see how dry his mouth gets! I’m a meat girl! Where’s the Chicken, beef, turkey!!!

My son had me chasing him trying to force him to take his medicine and a bath - hence my exercise for the day!

Funnily enough I was light headed and almost felt like dropping to the floor - but couldn't make it through a whole 12foot sub?? Huh go figure and I thought I was a little piglet???

Well Day two tomorrow - at least I get a coffee and cereal! Mmmmm never been soo excited to eat cereal! NOT!

Day Two

After day two of this subway diet – kicking off at 73.5kg’s and loosing 5kg seems possible – I even managed to slip in with ease to some shorts that were pretty tight before - Until…

I had to go grocery shopping – decided to go by myself – don’t think I could tolerate my kids asking for all the food off the shelf! – ‘If mummy can’t have it, we ain’t buying it!’ lol Less stress – my stomach was growling down every aisle – I kept walking pass people starring at me, and thinking

- are they Nickson’s and PT’s spies

- can they hear my stomach swearing at me ‘Feed me biarch, you know you want that chocolate’

I seriously wanted to rip open a bag of raisin bread and eat it – so I stole an apple!

I figured I’m buying a whole dam bag, so I won’t eat one with my 6inch turkey!

Got my 6inch turkey, ask for double the lettuce, tomatoes – never tasted soo good!

Realised I need to drink loads more water – after feeling like a crack head this morning, with nothing to eat from 4am till 12 those first sips of coffee must be what the crack head that use to sleep on the park bench outside my house in watts felt like?

You know it’s quite funny – Nickson’s always talking about how much he wants Abs – I’m enjoying waking up and seeing my instant abs – maybe Nickson should try this shit!

Day Three

I'm starting to get the hang of this - still feel like I'm starving myself though!

Couldn't wait to scoff that Turkey 6 inch - drank so much water I was pulling over the whole day running into any store that had a toilet!

It held me over until dinner - I figured if i chewed gum in between i wouldn't get so hungry? Theory worked!

Dinner time and this had to be the hardest - Dads tiling the floor so couldn't cook dinner - I cheated in that aspect got my footlong and the kids ate McD's with apples so I wouldn't be tempted to steal their fries!

This couple came up to me while I was just about to scoff the other half of my footlong - and said love you guys on Mai mornings! Good on you K'Lee for not eating a BIG MAC!

OOOhhh so proud - kids didn't play too long in the playground - the smell of MCD's was getting too much!

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