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David Dallas - Don't Rate That

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David Dallas is back with some long-awaited new music.

Last night D Dot dropped the Fire and Ice produced track 'Don't Rate That' on social media with the caption"First time in a long time. Got plenty things to say."

Prior to the release David shed some light on why we haven't heard anything new from him lately.

"To be honest,I thought I’d be writing one of these spiels this time last year. Unfortunately music has its own clock, and even though I’d recorded a bunch of stuff at that point – I don’t really think I had anything to say. And what good is a song with nothing to say?

So I fell back for a bit. Started over, got stressed out, got married, over-thought things, under-thought things, so on and so forth.

It’s been a while, but at the very least I think I’ve got something to say now."

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