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Dressed by Converse

Dressed by Converse

Converse has an epic history which Mai is proud to be a part of!

The Beginning
Sometime in 1908, Marquis Mills Converse decided to start a rubber shoe company, bypassing a rubber trust that prevented most companies from doing business directly with their retailers. Early catalogs bragged about how many trucks left the Converse factory in Malden, Massachusetts, delivering product directly to stores in Boston. Mr. Converse’s idea worked. But more importantly, it survived.

Chuck Taylor joins the Converse Rubber Company. How it happened remains lost to history, but the reason isn't: Chuck Taylor loved basketball and desired nothing so much as to spread of the word of the new game and sell the sneakers it required

A decade of change - for everybody. Rock & Roll and pro basketball grew up (in Chucks), and All Stars finally came in colors. In tumultuous times, legends are born - and from a green and white basketball team to a British invasion, from rooftops to alfalfa fields, Converse was along for the ride.

The brand enters its second century by honoring its heritage of seeing things a little differently, loving people who want to change the world for the better, and basically celebrating the spirit of rebellion and originality in basketball, Rock & Roll and anywhere else you find it

Mai FM Street Team - dressed by Converse and coming to neighbourhood near you.

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