Deach - Slow It Down feat Jae'O

Mon-02-Jul-12 14:22

You must already, most definitely know his name. With “Smashproof” now becoming a household name, you would already have had ‘Deach’ in your mouth, or you most definitely should have at this point. At 25, the charismatic guy next door, raised on dirty South Auckland soil, has accomplished what young up-and-coming talent could only aspire to achieve, not only collectively with chart topping "Smashproof", but also in as an individual through independent endeavors.

As a group in 2009, "Smashproof" lived up to their title and smashed the 23 year old record in the New Zealand singles chart for the longest consecutive run at number one by a local act with ‘Brother’. Featuring the gifted "Gin Wigmore", this headlining song is from their debut album “The Weekend”.

With three Tui Music Awards to add to their success, the MTC fam (Move The Crowd), then had the honor of having the entire label in New York for the CMJ Music Marathon, thanks to 42 Below and NZ On Air – modestly identifying few of Smashproofs’ accomplishments.

With so many achievements under their young and ambitious belts you would understand why Smashproof belongs in the spotlight. Deach, who now steals the spotlight in his own right – known around Auckland as the ‘King of Clubs’. A small idea about club promotion and together with Deachs’ aspiration; he became the go-to-man for the hottest events, hottest clubs - with the hottest ladies not too far away. He has, and successfully launched and engages in Aucklands’ hottest night spot, "Sneak Out" at "Club Bacio", where clientele and Auckland socialites know the memorable Thursday night slogan as ‘Lace up and Sneak Out, ‘cause if you ain’t there, you ain’t nowhere!’

Deach has unquestionably become a force to be reckoned with, continuously on his grind claiming the ‘grind flu’ with up-and-coming projects and bizzo always up his sleeve, spotlight and success most def runs through this brothers’ veins.

Belonging to a smash proof crew, with success following success, the trend seems to be been established. 2010 is undeniably another promising year with Deachs' first EP titled “Vision” in production, about to drop end of January, and if the word-of-mouth and reviews are anything to go by, it looks like music-heads are awaiting the arrival of something doper than the previous dope!

And as luck would have it, Deach resembles reflects his title as ‘King of Clubs’, as ‘the last card’ up the players’ sleeve, suggestive of having ‘saved the best for last’, while luck has nothing to do with this go-getters’ destiny.

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